Sunday, 24 March 2013

My Lost Week

During the celebrations of St. Patricks Day last week, my laptop got banjaxed. I was out four nights in a row so obviously I can't remember how it happened but basically it brought down my productivity by 90%. That remaining 10% was eating, sleeping and collecting my dole.

I didn't realise how much I needed my laptop to do stuff. I probably had a fair idea but I just never really thought about it. I use it for socialising, entertainment and 'work'.


The week I spent without my laptop meant that I had to watch an actual television...with a remote control. It was daunting but luckily it was like riding a bike and I still remembered how to use it.

Unluckily, it meant that I had to be subjected to some absolutely disgusting 'entertainment'. Here are some of the worst ones and why they should be banned from ever been shown again...and why the people involved in the show should be executed.

Fair City
If Fair City was an actual bar of soap your hands would be dirtier after using it. It is hideous. The acting, the storylines, the dialogue.

I get so angry watching it that I have to watch it while using my hand grip exercise thingys that are shown above (I don't know what they're called).

Slagging off Fair City is like beating a dead horse at this stage since it is so easy to do but that's my point.

It shouldn't be easy to abuse it.

The fact that it is surely means that it is shit. Cancel it and bring back Glenroe.

Take Me Out
I don't mind the English version as much but the Irish one is embarrassing. It makes all Irish girls look bitchy and up their own arse.

I'm not one bit surprised that any of them are single since they have such an obvious hatred for men.

I don't really go for any shows that may end up making a show of someone publicly, it's demoralising.

The lads who go on it are brave but I suspect that there are a few of the ones who got rejected, sat at home depressed right now, vowing revenge on women.

They will inevitably end up running into a salon with a machine gun and emptying a few rounds into the 'fairer' sex.

Although it would be totally worth it if they shouted 'Take me out? I'll fucking take ye all out ye horrible fuckers'.

I love me a bit of irony.

I always refrained from giving out about this show because I had never seen it so I felt voicing my disdain for it would be a bit cheeky.

I could have watched an episode of it so I would be eligible to criticise it but I really, really didn't want to waste my time. This week I had time to waste so I said I'd watch it.

I was actually very surprised. It was way worse than I could have expected. I didn't think that was possible.

I can't stand fame hungry people who are very open about being fame hungry. They possess every quality I hate in a person.

I was going to put a picture of them up there but I couldn't face looking at them again so instead I have put a much less annoying picture up.

At the Races
Weekend on the beer after Cheltenham and they put horse racing on television?

What the fuck are they trying to do to me?

I had rent to pay this week.

Luckily I was too sick to drive to the bookies to put money in my account.

My laptop is back now though so I can get back to being productive now. Twitter, Youtube and*.

*The last one was in case the Dole are checking up on me.