Saturday, 2 March 2013

I'm a Ghost(Myth)buster

People believe in lots of things that are not proven to exist. Gods are the most common one but there are also aliens and ghosts.

Religion is a comfort to lots of people so while I don't believe in it, I don't mind other people believing in it. So as long as they don't try to force it upon me...(and don't take offence when I mock them).

I think that there is a big chance of aliens existing. The universe is huge, there could easily be life forms on other planets. Some day, probably long after I'm gone, I reckon we will encounter them. I don't think they'll be as horrible as Hollywood makes them out to be either.


The other one is the one that annoys me most. Ghosts. It doesn't make any logical or scientific sense yet lots of people will believe in them. Why?

It's just as ridiculous as the idea of God but unlike religion, it doesn't offer you any comfort believing they exist. It's the very opposite. It terrifies you.

I know that most of these people are too scared (or too stupid?) to really think about it and realise that there is as much chance of ghosts flying around as there is dodos, actually it's much lower than that.

There are a lot of horror movies that claim to be 'based on a true story', which is okay in one sense but really awful in another.

Sure, it adds to the scare factor of the movie to pretend that it could actually happen but when people start to really believe these things happen, that's when the President of Hollywood needs to release a statement to the general public, telling them that they were fabricating the truth and there's nothing to worry about.

People also believe that Ouija boards can contact the dead.

I can't understand how people can believe that when there is a message being spelled out, it's a ghost is talking to them. Does it not register with them that maybe the device is moving on the board because Johnny across the table likes to play tricks on gullible tools?

Even if they were communicating with the dead, they ask the stupidest questions. They ask about themselves or the past or the future. Why don't you ask about life as a ghost you dickheads? Get some much needed info on the subject for when it's your own turn.

People who claim to be able to talk to ghosts are the worst though. They should be locked up.

If they actually believe that they are conversing with spirits, put them in the crazy house.

If they are just conning stupid people out of their money, then fire them into prison. Surely that counts as fraud?

In today's day and age, you would think that doing something like that would be banned but it's not.

I suppose there's eviler things to tackle such as drugs, prostitutes and piracy. I would make all three of those things legal before ghost talking anyway.


I know there is a contradiction in what I've been saying, in that people who are hiring ghost talkers to communicate with their dead relatives are also getting a comfort similar to the one religion offers.

The only thing is, the Church doesn't take innocents peoples money for that comfort.