Thursday, 14 February 2013

Video Games are Actually Good for Children

Parents are always whinging about things today being a bad influence. When you consider the alternatives it doesn't seem so bad.

Video games are always getting a bad reputation. Games like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty are said to be too bloody and will encourage violence. They reckon that children should go out and play sport instead.

In my experience, blood and violence comes quicker to a hurler than a guy who plays Modern Warfare.

People worry about the messages that video games send young kids. I argue that they teach them about the prevalence of crime, war and drugs in the world. Watching the news will introduce them to that side of life just as much.

Just because you are made aware of something bad doesn't mean you will embrace it. If you apply that mantra to the supposed good childhood games you could see the bad in them too.

Hide and Seek teaches you to hide from your problems. Catching teaches you to run from the law. Kiss Chase is a little bit rapey. Football encourages racism and infidelity.


Movies always have a censorship rating so that the wrong people won't watch it. I think that once you become a teenager you should be allowed to watch whatever you want. You are a young adult then and your brain is working overtime.

It's better to learn about things at that age than wait until you're 18. It will shape you to be a more independent person. If you spend your teenage years watching Disney instead of the Godfather, you could miss out on some important life lessons.

The Godfather teaches you that crime doesn't pay.

Disney teaches you that lions are your friend.

I know what lesson I'd rather my kids learnt.

Music is another source of entertainment that I feel is marketed to children wrong. The kind of music deemed appropriate for kids is the sappy, brainless shite that X-Factor throws out year after year.

Fame hungry dopes with these crystal clean images promoting clothes, make up and other products that cost parents an arm and a leg. If you haven't got these things then you aren't 'cool'.

Fuck One Direction and Little Mix. Introduce your kids to some Kings of Leon and Kasabian.

The X-Factor is a terrible show to let children watch. It doesn't teach them about working hard to earn something. It's about being the most popular and best looking.

They're always on about stamping out bullying, well cancelling this show would be a good start. The start of every series is all about the people who are shit at singing so everybody can watch them and laugh at them. The judges will say horrible things to some of the contestants and the brave ones who aren't reduced to tears will say something equally bitchy back.

It all ends with some innocent victim being launched from being a nobody to a world famous superstar for a year or two before they end up in the Big Brother house and then it's back to a lifetime of being ordinary, except this time your life feels all the more empty.

Is anybody campaigning for this show to be censored? No, they're too busy denying children the right to watch the Sopranos.


There's no point trying to block all this supposed badness from children. They will eventually experience it anyway and maybe when they are older seeing it, they won't understand it as much.

Maybe they would work harder to get an education if they realised that failure to do so would mean that they could end up poor and turning to crime.

Because we all know, thanks to censorship, that without a respectable job you will become a scumbag of society.