Friday, 15 February 2013

Never say it with Flowers

Valentines was yesterday and as a result I saw a lot of flowers throughout the day. I don't understand them. They look and smell nice. Well so do Quarter Pounders yet they're not acceptable presents. Quarter Pounders taste nice too so they have one more advantage over flowers.

Lots of people get engaged on Valentines Day too. I saw a link on the Youtube about the best proposals, most of which were public ones. Public proposals are the worst way to do it. It's just pressurizing the other person to say yes. I ended up looking at the ones where the guy got rejected. Much more entertaining.

I think that proposals should be between you and your partner. It's very cocky to assume that everyone else, mostly strangers, will care about your relationship.

It's kind of showing off without having anything really to show off about. Oh you love your partner so much that you couldn't make the day she's dreamed about all her life, all about her. What a lucky girl she is to have you. I'm truly jealous of the love you possess.

I think my perception of love is a lot different to everybody elses. When people talk about the most romantic films they mention Casablanca, Titanic and Romeo and Juliet. I can't grasp the concept of this supposed love.

Casablanca is about a woman in love with two men at the same time and she cheats on her husband.

Titanic is about a woman who never married because she was still in love with the man whose death she was responsible for.

Romeo and Juliet is about two 14 year olds who fall in love and end up killing themselves because they can't live without each other...they knew each other a week or two.

If I was asked about the greatest love story I would probably go with Natural Born Killers.

The two of them really loved each other. They didn't let anybody get in their way. They never left each other behind and when one of them ends up in a spot of bother, the other one always comes to save them.

That's what real love is all about, not some poxy infatuation you get on a boat over the space of a couple of days.

I don't believe in this whole idea of love at first sight. Surely that means that the love is entirely got to do with looks? You can't love somebody instantly. You can be attracted to them and gradually fall in love.

There is only one way that love at first sight could work. If you meet someone online and get to know each other a lot before finally meeting each other.

This whole concept of love is thrown around too much. People say they love teams, movies, celebrities, clothes, etc.

If it's that easy then maybe I'd be right in saying I love that Quarter Pounder in the picture above, and at least that's proper love at first sight.